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Probate of Estates, Preparation of Estate Planning Documents

There are several probate options available in Florida, ranging from a simple process which does not require an attorney at all, to full or “formal” probate.

Experience Matters

Often when we meet with you and learn all the facts, we are able to recommend one of the simpler and less expensive (both in filing fees and attorneys’ fees) procedures or to tell you no probate is required at all.

Our aim is to provide you only what you require, in a prompt, efficient, and courteous manner, saving you time, energy, and, of course, money.

Remote Signing and Notarization – We’re set up!

Due to the Coronavirus, we have established legally binding and effective methods for remotely executing legal documents, including wills and trusts, and property deeds. In fact, everything can be conducted from the safety and convenience of your home. Our firm regularly conducts remote notarizations via Facetime (for clients owning iPhones) and Zoom, both via mobile phones and laptop and desktop computers.

Our firm also prepares the following Estate Planning documents for a reasonable fee:

If your legal needs are outside of our legal expertise, we will refer you to an attorney who does have that experience, and in whom we have confidence.

Contact us for a free consultation, with absolutely no obligation, regarding setting up a Will or Trust, or initiating a new Florida probate.

Although our office is located in Orlando, we are able to handle probate throughout the State of Florida. If probate needs to be opened in another State, you will need an attorney licensed in that State, and we can help you locate a reputable law firm.

If you are outside of the metropolitan Orlando area or are otherwise unable to visit my office, most, if not all, probate paperwork can be handled by mail, email, or fax, you rarely have to appear before the Court, and your questions can be answered by email or phone.

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